How Many Domains Can You Host with Your InMotion Account?

There are several instances when you may wish to have more than one domain name registered to you. The question is, does InMotion accommodate all your domains? What do you get with a Business Class hosting plan from InMotion? Read on to find out more.

Subdomains, Parked Domains and Add-on Domains Oh My!

Depending on what you do with your website, you may want to add one or several subdomains. That simply means you are creating another URL ending in the same name as your primary domain. For instance, you might have the subdomain to go along with your main site at

Parked domains are handy if you wish to purchase several domains with your preferred keywords or various extensions (i.e. .com, org, .biz, etc.) but have them all point to the same website.
Add on domains are simply more domain names in addition to your primary domain.

Read wikipedia: What is a domain name.

How Many Domains Do You Get with InMotion?

When you start an InMotion hosting account, you are entitled to one free domain name registered to you, for the first year (available on Business Class plans for one- or two-year terms only). If you have an existing domain name, InMotion will transfer it for free.

Inmotion Hosting Plans

For those who need additional domains, the following are included with the various tiers of website hosting from InMotion:

  1. Launch Plan: Includes 2 websites, 6 parked domains and 25 subdomains.
  2. Power Plan: Includes 6 websites, 26 parked domains and 100 subdomains.
  3. Pro Plan: Includes 25 websites as well as an unlimited number of parked domains and subdomains.

So, with the lowest priced hosting plan from InMotion, Launch, you are allowed one primary website and one add-on domain in addition to 25 subdomains and 6 parked domains for a total of 33.

Other InMotion Domain Services

When you sign up for an InMotion hosting account, one of the first screens you encounter is one that allows you to select a new domain name. This is an easy way to start a new website. InMotion will register it for you and the nameservers will automatically be set up to access your files on their servers.

Set up DNS

InMotion will also transfer an existing domain for free. This means that they will point your domain toward the updated nameservers when you switch your hosting service to InMotion. You can also do this yourself by going to the place where your domain is registered (the Registrar) and simply pointing it to these nameservers (the InMotion servers where your website files reside): – IP address: and – IP address:

Do you want to change registrars? This is handy if you want all your website components managed by one company. You can change your domain’s registrar to Melbourne IT (which provides registrar management for InMotion) if you wish, but the company will charge you a one-time fee of $11.99 to do so.

Before you sign up for the cheapest web hosting plan from InMotion, think about both your current and future needs. If you want to create a lot of subdomains or purchase numerous parked domains, you may have to go with a heftier – and pricier – account. The good news is that InMotion can accommodate all your needs when it comes to domains of all kinds.